Zoom navigation feature

imagine a training platform with prezi, offering custom navigation buttons, allowing the user to move as he pleases in prezi to get the information you want.
a real fun and didactic walk

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Hello @Philippe_Aka, could you please give us some more details on this feature? :slight_smile:

Thank’s Catarina, I’m french but I will try to do my best.
I wan to build a platform, for a medical congress in witch the visitor arrives in a Lobby, then he can see several hall, as conference room, stand space; and ass soon ass he clicks on the concerned vue, he enters the dedicated room and continuing to navigate as his own. Going here or there, going further or back as he wants by clinking on images or navigation bottoms. Things like that. Is that more clear ? please let me knows

If you have time, I can draw for you the features I’m talking about, it will take one or two days for…

Hello @Philippe_Aka, you will be able to achieve that by using our zoom animations, you can check more information about it in this article :slight_smile:

Let me know if this could help!

Yes this could help, absolutly.
Now the question according to my platform is that it seems that Prezi can not yet embedded (HTML page or website, or PDF file or native power point file) in a popup windows, inside prezy, in order to keep the visitor encapsulated in the platform.
If not the user is lost in the browser windows and my platform can not be sold to customers as a finished product …