"Zoom through" - layering data without panning or zooming in/out

We do LOTS of mapping work and we need one more function in Prezi before we can eliminate PowerPoint (which we want to do). I call this idea “zoom through,” an addition to the zoom in/out and pan features already in Prezi. “Zoom through” would allow me to make Prezi 3D in terms of layering multiple maps on top of each and then zooming to the next layer to reveal different information. Currently we do this by just clicking through slides - one map layer per slide, which works great, but we can’t zoom in and around the map like we do with Prezi. I’m tired of going between the two programs and want a single solution - Prezi with this zoom through feature - the frame stays the same, but a click reveals a new layer of the map. Thanks!


Thank you for the suggestion, I will inform the developers of this but we are unable to talk about any future projects :frowning: