Zoom to reveal detail: step-by-step instructions

I mean: I’m working on a presentation that compares various nations and I would like to show the world map and when I zoom in to speak about a specific country I would like that the image disappears so I can show a description of the country. It should be like the 3D background but only for a specific “place”. Is it possible?

Hi Istvan,

Thanks for your fast reply!

I watched both options and the second one is better with the more advanced type.

It’works!!! Thanks a lot :smiley:

Hi Istvan, I wonder could you help me do something similar, but with a map of the Loire Valley wine region.  I have a map (attached), which i’d like to zoom in on each of the specific areas in it (eg Sancerre, Vouvray, Touraine, Muscadet etc) to reveal a poster area for text etc detailing specifics about the wines from each area (so a fairly big pop up is needed).  is that possible?

that would be super Istvan - I appreciate your help

Brilliant! Thanks Istvan

Istvan … nice work on this help, and congrats on your recognition in the community. I have tried to execute on your step by step and am struggling. Can I speak with you to engage you for a very brief project - just setting up my version of #2. Please let me know what works for you. Thank you. - Rich

Thanks for your reply, Istvan. Let me take a day to clean up my Prezi to make it easy to understand. Thank you. - Rich