Zoom version downgraded when integrated with Prezi Video

Hi Folks!

Here’s my issue:

I have the latest versions of Prezi Video ( and Zoom (5.7.7) installed on my Windows 10 PC
When I open Prezi Video then use ‘video conference’ option to link to Zoom, my Zoom is downgraded to 5.2.1.
This stops me using some of the latest Zoom features.

What I’ve tried:
Uninstalling Prezi Video and reinstalling.
Clean uninstalling Zoom, rebooting and reinstalling.
This surely means that I no longer have Zoom version 5.2.1 on my machine, and yet that’s the one that opens whenever I open Zoom through Prezi Video.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?
Very many thanks in advance.

Best wishes

Hello, @Tony_Davis could you please try to use the Prezi virtual camera instead of the Zoom SDK? Please try to start Prezi Video, afterward start Zoom and select the Prezi virtual camera from Zoom.

Let me know if this has worked!

Hi Petra. Very many thanks for taking the time to help me. I did find a work-around yesterday and also a strong hypothesis about the problem. Here’s my work-around, which is very similar to yours:

• Open Zoom with my meeting link
• Open Prezi Video Desktop
• In Zoom, select ‘Prezi Video Virtual Camera’
• In Prezi video, select ‘Import from Prezi’
• Chose presentation and click ‘Import’
• This will automatically connect the two programs, while ensuring that Zoom is the latest version.

Opening Zoom first preserves the latest version.

When connecting the other way round (Prezi first, then using the Video Conference button to select Zoom) we get the issue of Zoom being downgraded to 5.2.1.

My hypothesis is that the URL that the Zoom ‘See how’ button (image below) is linked to has not been updated, and so is causes an old version of Zoom to be loaded instead.

Zoom connect to Prezi button

Hope this helps other people with this issue.

The ability to have delegates self-select the breakouts is fantastic and has opened up some rich pedagogy choices.

Many thanks again, Petra.

Best wishes


Hello, @Tony_Davis Thank you for reporting your findings!

I would like to report this issue to our developers, so they can further investigate what might be causing this to happen.
Could you please share a screen recording of the downgrade happening so I can pass it forward to our developer team? It would be greatly appreciated.

You can use this software to record your screen.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you Petra. Hope you don’t mind a few still instead.
If I open Zoom desktop as a standalone, it opens as v. 5.7.7.
If I go through the Prezi video conference route as shown in the ‘Zoom meetings, See how’ image above, Zoom opens as v 5.2.1.
I’ve attached screen shots of the Statistics pages from within Zoom for both of these routes.

Best wishes

Zoom version when standalone
Zoom version when connected to Prezi

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