Zoom video NOT in background (in a window)

Hi all,
I can’t find the answer, but every time I use a template in a Zoom video call, the Prezy background is eliminated and the Zoom camera becomes full screen.

Is there a way to put myself (Zoom camera) in a “box” window and the other Prezy materials next to that box on-screen with a background?

Hi @Douglas_Hitchcock,
could you please elaborate on that a bit?

Could you maybe send a screenshot of what you mean? If you are using Prezi Video it will change the presentation’s background to your camera view.

A Nice workaround could be to add an image or a shape to your presentation with a transparent “hole” in it where your face can be visible. This would still use your camera view as your whole background, but you could cover up most of the space.

Hi Bart,
I don’t yet have this presentation configured in Prezi, but you’re getting at the desired effect.

More like a true news broadcast, I want the Zoom meeting to fit into a box or window while still showing a portion of a still image background and then all the Prezi pop-ups…

Every time I do a Prezi, the background is fully replaced by the Zoom meeting video full-screen. I think you’re suggesting to add a still image with a hole in it as a still layer in Prezi and not as a Prezi background image? If so, not quite sure how to make a PNG or JPG file with a hole in it?

Hello @Douglas_Hitchcock, can you kindly send us a screenshot to illustrate your question?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi all,
I am trying to make a Prezi look like a “news show” in a Zoom conference…

Is there a way to have the Zoom NOT take over the whole background but only appear inside a shape or box?

Do I simply NOT use a background inside of Prezi, but insert an image directly into the presentation with a hole in the image so that the Zoom video background shows through?

Hello @Douglas_Hitchcock, through Prezi Video app, that is not currently available.

Feedbacks and comments are really important for Prezi. I will forward this as feedback to our developers’ team if you don’t mind. We are always trying to improve our products, and comments like yours are essential!