Zooming not smooth in Prezi Video


Noticed that when i import a prezi into prezi video, after i start presenting zooming is not smooth (like in prezi present or next), like there is a very low frame rate.
Any suggestions?

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, could you please send us a screen recording of the issue and let me know if you are using Windows or Mac?

Are you using Prezi Video desktop app or the browser version?

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Hi Bart,

I’m using Prezi Video Desktop, on a Mac.
Where do you want me to send a screenrecording?

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, if you could paste the screen recording here, that would be fine. Could you also tell me which MacOS you are running on and the release year of your Mac?

Hi @Bart ,

MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2021) (Silicon-processor), bought in 2022, macOS Monterey 12.6.
Unfortunately the screen recording seems to have a low frame rate so it isn’t smooth in Next as well.
I could mail a link to a prezi to you so you can compare?

Alternative: You could load a prezi of your own in Prezi Present or Next and Compare the Smoothness to Prezi Video…I Just tried with a simple template and Prezi Next zooms and pans smooth, Prezi Video is flickering, as if the framerate is much lower.

@Bart, Yet another solution:

I just made a video with a GoPro at 240 frames per second.
I’ll send you that one via mail/wetransfer.
Have edited this one but at 120 fps (video-editing software didn’t accept 240). You can still see the difference. The second part of that edited video is slowed down to 25% to make it even more clear how many frames from Next seem to have been “dropped”.

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Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, thanks for the flawless cooperation. You can send me a wetransfer link via a PM that you can reach by clicking on my username and pushing the message button.

Done (pm sent)

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Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, we have checked on this with our developers.

Please note that Prezi Video is limited to 30 FPS, while Prezi Next can produce more FPS if your system allows it.

I have forwarded your feedback though to our developers.

Thanks, 30 fps imo is too low for presentations with movement and zooming, particularly when presenting on a big screen.

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