Zooming out when going form one path point to another?

Can I decide how much the program is zooming out when going from a point to another? Now it is pretty zoomed in all the time, I want it to zoom out so I almos se the whole template and then in again. Is that possible?

Hi Johan Ståhlberg,

the zooming in Prezi is generally controlled by the distances between your objects or frames (both on the same level or bigger and smaller). So in order to do this you will need to plan it and make the distances further apart on your path points.

You could also put a frame showing the overview between your current pathpoints - so in edit mode zoom out (little house on the right or control spacebar) and then draw a frame showing your overview. Don’t forget that too much violent zooming can make some people a little queezy :slight_smile:



what you could also do is use an invisible frame and put it around the backround you want and then zoom in the facts or pictures.

-Hope it helps :wink: