Zooming reveal


In the old Classic Prezi when you zoom in to a new frame, the content/picture wouldn’t hide or change from the main picture/background.
In the new Next Prezi, when you zoom to the Subtopic, the picture of the Topic disappears and new subtopics and its Subtopics names are revealed.

How can I zoom to a Subtopic without hiding the content of the parent Topic?



What you’re describing is called the Zoom Reveal. When you zoom to a topic, the topic cover disappears and the content displays. You can override this by making objects on your topic cover “visible inside and outside.” From the topic, click once to edit the topic cover. Then right-click on the object you want to remain visible when zooming. Select “visible inside and outside.” This will keep the object in view the same way that Prezi Classic does.

Robin, Certified Prezi Expert from TeachMePrezi.com

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Thank you Robin,

Zoom Reveal is helpful.

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